Background: Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1955.  Traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia before emigrating to the US in 1962. Studied Biochemistry at the University of Pittsburgh from 1974-78. Currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.


Education:     1974-1978-University of Pittsburgh
1980-1982-Art Institute of Pittsburgh


Solo  Exhibitions

2013           Wimolvan Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2012           Murphy Hill Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2008          Shanghai Art Expo, Walsh Gallery, Shanghai, China

                    Urban Archeology, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2003          Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2002          Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2001           Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2000          Donahue, Sosinski Gallery, New York, N.Y

                    Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

1999           Donahue, Sosinski Gallery, New York, N.Y.   

                    Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

                    d.p. Fong Gallery, San Jose, California

1998           Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

1996           Extravagaria, E.M. Donahue Gallery, New York, N.Y.

1995           Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

                    d.p. Fong Galleries, San Jose', California

1994           Betsy Rosenfield Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

                    Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

1993           E.M.Donahue Gallery, New York, N.Y.

                   Casa De Amor, Evanston Arts Center, Evanston, Illinois 

                    Muranushi/Lederman Gallery, New York

1992           E.M. Donahue Gallery, New York, N.Y.

                    Betsy Rosenfield Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

1991            Blum Helman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                    E.M. Donahue Gallery, New York, N.Y.

1990           Blum Helman Gallery, New York, NY

                    Li Lin Lee, New Works, Richard Iri Gallery, Los Angeles

                    Idyll, E.M. Donahue Gallery, New York, N.Y.

                    Idyll, Betsy Rosenfield Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 

1989          Tilden-Foley Gallery, New Orleans

                    E.M. Donahue Gallery, New York, N.Y.

                    Reicher Gallery, Barat College, Lake Forest, Illinois 

1988           LaSorda-Iri Gallery, Los Angeles



2008           Art Forum September: review of solo exhibition at Walsh Gallery, Chicago, IL

1997            Crown Point Prints Retrospective, The National Gallery, Washington, DC

1996            Brown, Kathan. Ink. Paper Metal. Wood-painters and Sculptors at Crown Point Press,

                    Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA

                     Masterpieces and Master Printers, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan

1994            Transforming Visions-Writers on Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago


Selected Public and Private Collections

                    A.G. Rosen Collection, New York, NY

                    Ameritech, Chicago, Il

                    The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Il

                    Jonathan Levinson, New York, NY

                    Vera List, New York, NY

                    Philip Morris Management Corporation, New York, NY

                    Prudential Insurance Company, Newark, NJ

                    Carol List Schwartz, Denver, Co

                    The Hallmark Art Collection, Kansas City, MO

                    Citibank Inc., New York, NY

                    Southwestern Bell, Houston, TX

                    California Museum of Art, San Francisco, CA

                    Pacific Light and Gas Co., San Francisco, CA

                    Denver Museum of Art, Denver, CO

                    San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA

                    Arthur Andersen & Associates, Chicago, IL

                    National Gallery of Art, Washington DC    

                    US State Department, Washington, DC

                    Alliance, San Francisco, CA

                    Condoleeza Rice Collection, Washington, DC



                    Art Forum Magazine, 1989: John Yau   

                    Art in America, 1993: Janet Koplos

                    Chicago Tribute, 1994: Alan Artner

                    Art Forum, 2008: James Yood